Business Intelligence with SX.enterprise
A quality business intelligence system, when implemented properly, will give your people the information they need, when they need it, and in the form they need to see it, so they can quickly act on it.  Our business intelligence solution, easy to use with minimal training, is designed to help you best use your existing system, working with the various files and functions of the enterprise system. Make smarter, faster decisions, and save money!

Credit Card Interfaces with SX.enterprise
Payment by credit card or debit card is no longer exclusive to retail businesses. This solution provides distributors an easy and secure way to process card payments for counter and web store sales.  It uses the most reliable third party credit authorization software on the market to process your transactions and captures deposits for all major credit cards, debit cards, purchase cards, and private label cards for which you can print a daily list of transactions and settlement reports.

Customer Service with SX.enterprise
Quality customer service is essential to every distribution operation. Poor customer service will bottleneck your entire system, and effective customer service, known as fast, comprehensive, and flexible, will support a solid system. Surpassing service expectations demands both knowledgeable team members and the appropriate and easy to use tools required for completing important tasks.

Revolutionize your customer service– our software provides all the required applications so your customer service can reach new levels of excellence. Manage all customer orders, including simple or urgent purchases and drop shipment orders, transfers, customer bookings, and comprehensive quote preparation tied to robust prices and rebate capabilities. Become proactive in expediting procurement for rush and non-stock items. Maintain and build commitments to customers by managing contacts and activities. Introduce automated, event driven alerts and make timely, well-informed decisions.

Data and Pricing Optimization with SX.enterprise
Establishing a disciplined process for the management of all item information activity provides visibility to the organizational impact of cost and sell-price changes, manufacturer rebates, charge-backs, and other key product information updates. epaCUBE easily assimilates into your company’s business operation, runs on simple browser/server architecture, and can be accessed through secure network connections to enable synchronization and collaboration of product information across the enterprise. The tool utilizes the latest proven technologies and standards to quickly integrate into our customer’s environment and leverages embedded technology to deliver Dashboard, Reporting, and Business Intelligence. The product is designed to ensure the necessary performance required to allow your company, your customers, your employees, and your vendors to work together and collaborate on item information while optimizing your respective sales and distribution opportunities.

Electronic Commerce with SX.enterprise
Until recently, a distributor’s greatest obstacle was integrating existing business operations and applications into one efficient process. Tracking orders through the warehouse and automating purchasing were once enough to give distributors a competitive advantage over the other suppliers in their community. But as technology evolves, barriers tend to disappear between the various partners: customers, vendors, banks, and brokers. Using traditional EDI or XML, Tool cribs, National Accounts and Integrated Supply, Private Networks, and Vendor Managed Inventory, today’s distributor must integrate their business operation beyond their four walls. It’s no longer enough to connect the back-office to the warehouse; distributors must connect to their suppliers, customers, and any one providing value-added services to their supply chain.

Job Management with SX.enterprise
When the bidding process becomes labor intensive and hardly manageable due to frequent bid changes, distributors need more than a simple quote entry. This robust tool is designed to simplify the process of contract jobs by automating bidding, awarding, billing, maintenance, and tracking procedures.

Service Warranty with SX.enterprise
Addressing repair and service shop business issues within distributors’ operations, this solution manages the entire cycle of shop activities, including necessary shop parts, labor, vendor claims, customer billing, and write off of internal parts and labor. It is designed to handle maintenance or repair of customer products requiring either billable or warranty service work. Upon inspection, a  work order might involve warranty work, billable work, and internally charged work, or any combination of the three. This is a valuable tool for any customer performing these types of service-related functions.

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