Advanced Demand Planning with SX.enterprise
Infor (formerly NxTrend Technologies) SCM Demand Planning enables companies to predict and shape customer demand more efficiently.  Advanced statistical capabilities combined with market knowledge gained from internal and external collaboration bring pinpoint accuracy to your demand plans. The result is a single, global view of the “truth” that provides the foundation for both your sales and operations plan and helps you achieve measurable service improvements such as improved forecast accuracy, increased on-time deliveries, reductions in inventory, and increased turns.

Business Intelligence with SX.enterprise
A quality business intelligence system, when implemented properly, will give your people the information they need, when they need it, and in the form they need to see it, so they can quickly act on it. Our business intelligence solution, easy to use with minimal training, is designed to help you best use your existing system, working with the various files and functions of the enterprise system. Make smarter, faster decisions, and save money!

Electronic Buying and Selling with SX.enterprise
eCommerce Storefront collaborates with your ERP system and eCommerce Catalog to provide a robust B2B and B2C Internet solution that allows customers to browse your product catalog and submit orders or quotes. The ability to provide 24-hour online access to your item catalogs is crucial in today’s fast-paced business market. With eCommerce Storefront, you can offer your customers real-time item price and availability, order tracking, customized specials, and shopping list.

Fleet Management with SX.enterprise
Direct Route© desktop-mapping and fleet routing software interface with our solution to efficiently route your fleet according to vehicle capacity, delivery constraints, and order size. The calculations also consider geographic location, average driving time, and mileage tables. In combination with the customer ship to location, Direct Route© will determine how long it will take to deliver the order. Direct Route© quickly uploads the order with the delivery date and arrival time as well as the calculated delivery cost so you can easily answer customer inquiries about order deliveries.

Logistics with SX.enterprise
Our logistic solutions are dedicated to improving warehouse productivity and accuracy. As a distributor, you understand the importance of shipping the correct goods at the proper time to the appropriate customer. Delays and shipment errors impact your bottom line directly, damaging promising customer relationships. From minimal logistic requirements to a “paperless warehouse,” our solutions address warehouse workflow including product movements, receiving, shipping, picking, and counting. Convert your warehouse operations from an expense to a profitable activity!

Overseas Trade with SX.enterprise
Consolidate purchase orders and increase visibility. The overseas trade module integrates all related modules to automate the purchasing function. This application will duplicate the manual process in a fraction of the time while eliminating errors and oversights. You will be able to consolidate multiple vendors and purchase orders into one container, and landed costs will be split across multiple vendors and purchase orders. You will have increased visibility across the entire enterprise, and you will know the location and expected arrival date of your order and which purchase orders have yet to ship.

Paperless and Archive with SX.enterprise
MaxRecall Paperless Office©, also known as Document Imaging, allows an office to reduce the amount of paper documents used for historical purposes. With this document storage and retrieval software, you can instantaneously recall any document that has been stored in the system. For example, when a customer calls and asks who signed for yesterday’s delivery, you can access the document within seconds and inform the customer. MaxRecall Paperless Office© eliminates inaccurate manual filing, and the customer service representative will never have to leave his desk. MaxRecall Paperless Office© is easy to use and fully integrated with standard inquiry window; simply select the document from a menu option to display it.

Procurement with SX.enterprise
Procurement, once simply defined as issuing a purchasing order, is now a multi-step task involving vendors, imports, transfers, bill of materials, etc. New complications require the proper tools to efficiently execute your procurement precisely when you want it and exactly how you need it.

Our solution was developed specifically for distributors like you. Leading the way since 1990 by offering Gordon Graham’s principles on inventory control, our solution maintains its leading position by providing you the key to a successful distribution organization–Grant Howard’s Best Practices in Inventory Management. Grant details how to handle the most difficult inventory problems, from establishing reorder points for your forecasts to printing physical count sheets. Increase turns, eliminate surplus, achieve high fill rate, and attain the best service levels in your industry.

Product and Price Updater with SX.enterprise
With more and more suppliers providing product-related material electronically, today’s distributors face a growing need to manage this data flow in their systems. The Supplier Link module provides distributors like you the ability to accept the wealth of information available and manipulate it to their specifications. Using the latest data from suppliers or Trade Service Publications©, Supplier Link assures that product and pricing information is accurate and up-to-date.

Value Add with SX.enterprise
You will be the preferred vendor because you will go beyond, providing your customers this little extra– a value added service. From a simple assembly to a more complex fabrication process, we help you sequence and track all your processes, internal and external, including bill of material, raw material used, labor hours and incurring charges, overhead, machine time, leftovers, write-off, and quality control. Each stage is tracked in work-in process account and is supported by proper reporting. This module quickly integrates itself in the enterprise solution, so you will be able to use it by the end of Day 1.

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