Asset Management with SX.enterprise
Infor (formerly NxTrend Technologies) EAM Enterprise Edition is a web-architected enterprise asset management solution that provides life cycle asset management and facilitates optimal asset performance. It manages the daily details of equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets from the point of purchase through disposal. Configurable work management processes provide the tools for customers to simplify basic capturing of work, and further, to conducting advanced failure analysis. Infor EAM Enterprise Edition generates efficiencies in the maintenance and management of assets, which strengthen business performance results.

This solution’s functionality includes life cycle management of assets, work management with predictive and preventive maintenance, and maintenance repairs inventory management aligned with scheduled maintenance activities and supported through procurement of materials and services. Advanced modules support calibration, fleet, GIS, mobile and advance mobile, advanced reporting, financial, and ERP integration. Infor EAM Enterprise Edition also features a service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform, which exposes all application logic through web services.

Business Intelligence with SX.enterprise
A quality business intelligence system, when implemented properly, will give your people the information they need, when they need it, and in the form they need to see it, so they can quickly act on it.  Our business intelligence solution, easy to use with minimal training, is designed to help you best use your existing system, working with the various files and functions of the enterprise system. Make smarter, faster decisions, and save money!

Financials with SX.enterprise
The backbone of your business. Whether you have one location or several international warehouses, our financial system will tackle your accounting and reporting needs. Integrated with all of your business activities, our solution handles your General Ledger, Receivables & Collections, Credit
Management, Payables, Banks, Financial Statements, Currency, and Audit Verification.

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