As with any large investment, minimal risk and maximum ROI must be carefully considered before electing which software system and partner methodology to adopt. Distributor’s EDGE eliminates the confusion by removing risk, delivering favorable ROI, organizing the process, and ultimately, responding to your company’s needs. DE is the clear choice for wholesale distributors in search of a competitive advantage.

Balanced. Your company seeks balance in the critical aspects of its business; our company offers you a more secure approach. Designed exclusively for distributors, our ERP software is the appropriate resolution. This best of breed software, paired with an experienced team of distribution professionals who will help you implement and utilize your new system, will continually help your company profit from its investment.

Agile. The market is rapidly changing. One minute brings news of the latest merger. The next introduces technology’s latest advancement. These changes have a great effect on the distribution industry, demanding distributors exercise their ability to be quick on their feet. Our balanced ERP software, SX.enterprise, provides this needed flexibility because its design was inspired by the input of thousands of experienced distributors just like you. The underlying architecture provides an open environment for customers to adapt to any industry changes. You need to be prepared to face these inevitable challenges. DE experts have seen it before and are prepared to help you eliminate these threats.

Focused. As a successful distributor, you understand that remaining alert to the vital factors and critical objectives of business leads to desired results. With a focus on distribution and streamlined operations, DE ensures that our customers become more productive distributors. We concentrate on understanding your business objectives, and we work with you to optimize the application’s use while meeting your goals. As you focus on your objectives and face the challenges ahead, you will need more than just software. You will need a partner who is willing to go beyond, a partner who will implement the software, train your team, monitor the process, and develop new ways to optimize your investment, helping your company continuously grow.

DE team members understand how to optimize your investment. We go beyond the basics so you benefit from a true partnership. We are sincerely dedicated to providing you with superior software and experienced distribution professionals. Our skillful execution will help you improve your bottom line.

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