Distributor’s EDGE is an organization of distribution professionals who serve Infor’s SX.enterprise
customer base (formerly NxTrend Technologies). Regionally based throughout North America, Distributor’s EDGE affiliates proudly serve greater than 300 distribution companies with single or multi-branch locations in over 30 states and 5 countries. Offering over 100 years of distribution software expertise, Distributor’s EDGE specializes in Business Consulting, Software Development, Technical Services, and Network and Infrastructure Design and Management.

Providing each client with solutions of unparalleled value, Distributor’s EDGE affiliation
successfully balances enterprise business systems with your unique business strengths.
Our committed team of deeply experienced SX.enterprise consultants collaborates closely
with each client to employ a complete framework of services, allowing us to quickly
implement solutions while personalizing applications. By affording you the agility and focus
you need to thrive in this ever-changing industry, we repeatedly exceed client expectations.
We deliver on technology’s promise of better, faster, and cheaper.

Using the SX.enterprise suite of distribution software solutions, we extract each product’s
maximum potential and provide individualized, end-to-end services.  Our teams prepare
and facilitate well organized plans, ensuring a fast recognition of value, and we reduce the
overall project cost, yielding a favorable return on your investment. Our solutions offer a
best-of-breed focus in the following areas:

  • - Sales/ Order Management/ Customer Service
  • - Advanced Automated Purchasing
  • - Optimized Inventory Control
  • - Financial Management with SOX Compliance
  • - B2B and B2C Commerce Solutions
  • - Automated Global Trade
  • - Warehouse Logistics
  • - Business Analytics
  • - Performance Tracking

We provide deep domain knowledge of these enterprise business applications to each
client, and we offer assistance through some or all key business improvement areas.
These include:

  • - Supply Chain Automation
  • - Distribution Centric Consulting
  • - Business Process Re-engineering
  • - Operational Improvement
  • - Implementation & Training
  • - Competitive Personalization
  • - Maximizing business value
  • - Extended Team & Plan Support

We are a values-based, professional services group, constantly searching for ways to
improve our clients’ businesses. Employment methodologies are designed to meet client
requirements and exceed expectations. We offer superior solutions to assure that our
clients find new ways to improve their operations while providing world class customer
service to their own clients. Distributor’s EDGE helps clients balance their business with
agility and clearly focus on success.

For more information, contact Distributor’s EDGE.