Frank Scavo, an independent analyst of issues and trends in enterprise applications software and the strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and disadvantages of the vendors that provide them, recently spoke with Dennis Michalis, General Manager of Infor Flex. Scavo was interested in learning the progress Infor has made with the Flex program over the last few months.

Take a look at his findings:

By way of background, Infor Flex was introduced in June 2009, to allow customers to upgrade to the latest, SOA-enabled versions of their Infor products or to exchange those products for other, newer products in Infor’s portfolio–at little or no license costs.

I was bullish on the program when it was announced, as I saw it as a win-win for Infor and its customers: customers get to move to a newer platform with newer expanded capabilities and Infor keeps customers, or gets them back on maintenance, and has a chance to sell them new stuff in the future.

But what have the results been in practice in the nine months since Infor Flex was announced? As it turns out, Dennis is the right person to ask, as he is now the General Manager for Infor Flex (in addition to his work in charge of all Infor partners worldwide).

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