The Customer Collective’s Ford Harding suggests a few ways to ask for customer referrals and receive the most favorable response. Do you have any other good ideas?

The Customer Collective Excerpt:
On behalf of a reader recently I posted a Rainmaker Problem, requesting suggestions about how to make a referral. A couple of readers responded with good ideas, but not many, probably because you were busy with pre-holiday activities.

The subject is an important one, so here are a few suggestions for requesting referrals:

  • * Pick the right moment. There are times when you are much more likely to get the help you want than others. This was the subject of an earlier post, so I will not repeat that discussion here.
  • * Make it easy for the client to help you. Broad requests, like Would you consider referring us to others who might need our services?, may get yes for an answer, but they place a large burden on the client to figure you who might be a good contact for you and how to bring up your services. That’s why they so often produce no result. You can make it easier for the client by…

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