Headquartered in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, OurPet’s, a leading wholesale distributor of pet products, has just partnered with Central Data Systems, a founding partner of Distributor’s EDGE, and selected SX.enterprise as their new ERP solution. SX.enterprise is a suite of applications designed to automate mission-critical functions within the supply chain. It includes financial, logistics, inventory, sales management, and other business-critical applications that work together to integrate the flow and access of information among suppliers, distributors, and customers.

OurPet’s was founded in 1995 by Dr. Steve Tsengas with the goal of promoting pet health, well-being, and owner & pet interaction. Dr. Tsengas and his associates dedicate extensive amounts of time to developing high quality, innovative products for improving the health, safety, comfort, and enjoyment of pets. In fact, most of their products are patented. Specifically, OurPet’s is the leader in Healthy Feeding Systems to improve the health and comfort of your pet, Interactive Toys that provide fun, rewarding mental and physical challenges, Innovative Maintenance to enhance the required maintenance needs of pets, and Healthy Consumables for achieving and maintaining high mental, physical and immune levels.

In an effort to automate their manual and time-consuming processes, OurPet’s began their search for an ERP many years ago. Once a subscriber to many expensive third party technology vendors, OurPet’s is excited to Go Live on SX.enterprise, ending their ties to third party vendors, because they know they made the right decision.

OurPet’s IT Manager, Steve Bull, explains the reason they selected SX.enterprise and CDS, saying:

“After reviewing options and capabilities of many software solutions – ranging from simple to elaborate systems, we decided upon SX.enterprise. It speaks our language and is designed for how we do business. Many areas where other solutions would have been customized to meet our needs, SX.enterprise already had it built in. The solution was already prepared which to us means that the software developers and support staff are also prepared for our business process.

In addition, as we grow we feel that SX.enterprise will grow with us. A large challenge of ours is tracking inventory on various levels as we custom-build some items for certain customers, have many combinations of products to provide better selling tools for our sales team, transfer and maintain inventory in many locations, rework inventory for product improvement/enhancements, and when the day is done want to look at a bottom line number and identify what all of that does to the item cost.

Any solution can provide this for us, but the key with SX.enterprise is it will be accomplished with no additional effort on our part. In fact, things will become more simplified and take less administrative effort. We expect a significant reduction in our staffing needs and more importantly payroll, and the bottom line.

To sum up our decision, we intend on growing and in order to accomplish the rate we are striving for we need a solution that will work hard, right alongside of us. We are anxiously awaiting this partnership.”

OurPet’s new partner, Central Data Systems, is the Great Lakes regional partner for INFOR and has been servicing the Wholesale Distribution market since 1973. CDS boasts a large customer base in the Great Lakes region actively supporting distributors in all sub verticals including Building Materials, Industrial, HVAC, Electrical, Janitorial, Beauty, Oil, Fluid Power, and more. Central Data has a fully certified team of business consultants, developers and engineers to implement new software, support all customers long term and provide architecture to drive Infor SX.enterprise to its highest performance measurements.

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