Distributor’s EDGE is pleased to announce the general availability of Infor ERP SX.e 6.0.

Please be aware that the first service pack, 6.0.020, is also now generally available. While service packs generally focus on providing program fixes, this service pack also includes enhancements related to Credit Card Processing.

We believe this highly anticipated release will continue to provide value to you by enriching this already robust solution. We have gathered input from you regarding the features that you would like to remain efficient and competitive in your respective industries and have put those requests into the application.


Value Add GUI Migration: Additional Value Add functionality is now available in GUI

  • * VA Entry Receipt of Inventory
  • * Value Add Internal Labor Time Entry
  • * PO Entry Receipt of Inventory

Non Stock Enhancements: Extensive enhancements were made to streamline non stock processing to better enable handling of non stock inventory while it resides in your warehouse.

Credit Card Processing: Credit Card enhancements (available only in 6.0.020)

  • * Payment Type expanded to two digits
  • * Multiple merchant capabilities
  • * Level I, II and III processing
  • * Reports for credit card balancing
  • * PCI DSS encryption compliance
  • * Auto Tendering during Shipping and Backorder Fill
  • * Order Approval Validation in Clippership
  • * Non-refundable Credit Card ‘SALE’ Transactions
  • * New Warnings and Errors (Tendering, Invoice Processing, PO Print)
  • * Order Tendering for Zero Quantity Shipped Orders
  • * Credit Card History Inquiry for Returns

TWL Enhancements

  • * Allow implementation of Receiving Only
  • * Inquiry Access for Orders and Receipts
  • * Ability to add order notes from RF
  • * Full/Split Case Handling
  • * Item Look up from RF device
  • * Honor duplicate items
  • * Receipt improvements
  • * Delete of OE Line – lost business
  • * Password Complexity

OE Multi Line Sourcing: The multi-line sourcing enhancement allows you to select multiple line items in OE Entry Transaction at once and tie them to a single purchase order or warehouse transfer.

GUI Report Scheduler: The Report Scheduler (previously character only) is now available via the SX graphical user interface.

PDEM Pricing/Rebate Record Processing Enhancement: You can now perform mass maintenance on all the customer pricing record types and all rebate sub-types (Vendor on Sale, Vendor on Purchase, and Customer) that are available in SX.e.

We realize for many customers it is a costly endeavor to upgrade to the current version and is not something that can be accomplished without proper planning and budgeting. Please discuss your upgrade plans with your DE account representative as they can assist you in bringing the proper resources to help make this upgrade as cost effective as possible.

For more information on SX.enterprise’s newest enhancements, review the SX.e 6.0 Enhancement Summary.


Release 6.0 also provides the framework for SOA enablement. The SOA framework is expected to provide the ability to generate business object XML documents (BODs) and publishing them to the Infor On-Ramp. This technology will be used to integrate with SOA-enabled Infor applications such as Infor MyDay, which are currently contemplated to be made available later this summer. For more information on Infor MyDay, check out this Infor MyDay White Paper or contact Distributor’s EDGE.

To request an upgrade, please contact Distributor’s EDGE.